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Tape Casting Thin, Continuous, Homogenous, and Flexible Tapes of ZrB2

Sylvia L. Natividad, Victoria R. Marotto, Luke S. Walker, David Pham, William Pinc, Erica L. Corral

DOI: 10.1111/j.1551-2916.2011.04690.x

Journal-article published July 2011 in Journal of the American Ceramic Society volume 94 issue 9 on page 2749-2753
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Keywords: #tape casting  # organic solvent  # zrb2  # advanced aerospace exploration   #optimal slurry formulation  # particle distribution  # oxygen contamination  Edit keywords

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The article gives a short overview of the slurry formulation study, namely, the impact of the binder, plasticizer, and solids loading on tapes uniform particle distribution and tapes flexibility without cracking. The main target of the study was to avoid the presence of the oxygen on the ZrB2 powder surface as it's shown to limit densification of the powder at high temperatures.

Too brief and specific slurry formulation article

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