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Ca3Co4O9 ceramics consolidated by SPS process: Optimisation of mechanical and thermoelectric properties

Driss Kenfaui, Guillaume Bonnefont, Daniel Chateigner, Gilbert Fantozzi, Moussa Gomina, Jacques Guillaume Noudem

DOI: 10.1016/j.materresbull.2010.05.006

Journal-article published September 2010 in Materials Research Bulletin volume 45 issue 9 on page 1240-1249
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1 1 4.0 Posted: 04.Aug.2017
Ferdinand Wu 04.Aug.2017

A comprehensive well-written article about Ca3Co4O9 consolidated by SPS, highly recommend for beginners. The discussion covers microstructure, mechanical properties, crystallographic texture, thermal properties and transport properties.

Ferdinand Wu 04.Aug.2017

SPS process may enhance texturing and lead to anisotropy in all properties. It's a pity the article doesn't give more details about the relationship between applied SPS pressure and anisotropy.

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