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Effect of solid content variations on PZT slip for tape casting

Gang Jian, Hu Qingxian, Lu Sheng, Dongxiang Zhou, Fu Qiuyun

DOI: 10.2298/pac1204215j

Journal-article 2012 in Processing and Application of Ceramics volume 6 issue 4 on page 215-221
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Keywords: #tape casting  # slurry  # rheology  # structural characterization  # lead zirconate titanates  # piezoelectric properties  #ferroelectric properties  # solid content  Edit keywords

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green density increases with a pick on density-shear stress curve as the structure breaks there. Ball milling is needed to improve the stability of the rheological properties. Dissolved suspensions are more stable, however, sedimentation changes viscosity insignificantly if the solid load (SL) 34-61 wt%, increases it when SL is up to 73 wt%, and increases significantly when SL above 80 wt%. Agglomerates and pores in highly loaded 80 wt% slurry prove bad stability.

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