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Electrical and thermal properties of single-crystalline (Ca2CoO3)0.7CoO2 with a Ca3Co4O9 structure

Masahiro Shikano, Ryoji Funahashi

DOI: 10.1063/1.1562337

Journal-article published March 2003 in Applied Physics Letters volume 82 issue 12 on page 1851-1853
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1 1 5.0 Posted: 09.Mar.2018
Ferdinand Wu 09.Mar.2018

The paper shows reproducible details about how to manufacture Ca3Co4O9 single crystal. It also presents electrical and thermal properties in the ab-plane of the crystal.

Ferdinand Wu 09.Mar.2018

A little pity that the shown thermal conductivity is only in the ab-plane, the property along the c-axis is missing (I know it's difficult to get). The data at 973K is obtained by extrapolation.

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