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Nonstoichiometry and Transport Properties of Ca[sub 3]Co[sub 4±x]O[sub 9+δ] (x=0–0.4)

X.-D. Zhou, L. R. Pederson, E. Thomsen, Z. Nie, G. Coffey

DOI: 10.1149/1.3039948

Journal-article 2009 in Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters volume 12 issue 2 on page F1
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Keywords: #ca3co4o9  #cco349  #thermoelectric  #nonstoichiometry  Edit keywords

1 1 3.0 Posted: 07.May.2018
Ferdinand Wu 07.May.2018

The paper indicates nonstoichiometry effects the CCO349's transport properties and suggests that oxygen vacancies and redox couples for hole carriers are in different layers.

Ferdinand Wu 07.May.2018

The paper states the phase boundary between Ca3Co3.95O9 and Ca3Co4.05O9 is responsible for the varied properties, since the 2nd phase presence. Indeed, but maybe the changed layered misfit from the varied oxygen content plays the main role in the transport properties changes.

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