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Development of multilayer textured Ca3Co4O9 materials for thermoelectric generators: Influence of the anisotropy on the transport properties

Driss Kenfaui, Bertrand Lenoir, Daniel Chateigner, Bachir Ouladdiaf, Moussa Gomina, Jacques Guillaume Noudem

DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2012.03.022

Journal-article published August 2012 in Journal of the European Ceramic Society volume 32 issue 10 on page 2405-2414
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Keywords: #ca3co4o9  #cco349  #thermoelectric  #hot-pressing  #texturing  #anisotropy  Edit keywords

1 0 5.0 Posted: 07.Jun.2018
Ferdinand Wu 07.Jun.2018

An innovative processing, through repeating hot-pressing, to manufacture highly texturing CCO349. As supposed this processing would enhance the anisotropy. The given anisotropic properties are the highlight of this great work.

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