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Thermopower in cobalt oxides

W. Koshibae, K. Tsutsui, S. Maekawa

DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.62.6869

Journal-article published September 2000 in Physical Review B volume 62 issue 11 on page 6869-6872
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Keywords: #thermoelectric  #thermopower  #cobalt oxides  #heikes formula  Edit keywords

1 0 5.0 Posted: 16.Jul.2018
Ferdinand Wu 16.Jul.2018

A well-written article. With the generalized Heikes formula, the thermopower in high-temperature limit can be estimated and which is mainly affected by the degeneracies in Co+3 and Co+4 sites, and the ratio between them. Similar estimations were widely applied to cobalt oxides systems.

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