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Influence of the slip composition on the properties of tape-cast alumina substrates

Marı́a P. Albano, Liliana B. Garrido

DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2004.03.035

Journal-article published January 2005 in Ceramics International volume 31 issue 1 on page 57-66
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Keywords: #tape casting  # green properties  # sintered properties  # sintering  # pva binder  # aqueous system  # glycerine  # binder  Edit keywords

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A good overview of each slurry's component on green and sintered properties of the casted tape. Pros of organics are low boiling temperature, it prevents powders from hydration, but evaporation in the open systems harden work. Water-based systems slow down evaporation, often leading to agglomeration of the powder. PVA as a binder increases tensile strength but decreases green density. Glycerine as a plasticizer enhances flexibility & decreases tensile strength & drying shrinkage.

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