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Synthesis of Porous α-Fe2O3Nanorods and Deposition of Very Small Gold Particles in the Pores for Catalytic Oxidation of CO

Ziyi Zhong, Judith Ho, Jaclyn Teo, Shoucang Shen, Aharon Gedanken

DOI: 10.1021/cm071165a

Journal-article published September 2007 in Chemistry of Materials volume 19 issue 19 on page 4776-4782
© American Chemical Society (ACS)

Keywords: #nanorods  # gold nanoparticles  # teaoh  # au-colloid method  # iron oxide  # catalyst  # catalytic activity  Edit keywords

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Structure: nanorods of Fe2O3 with gold nanoparticles inside. Detailed synthetic method report and characterization. Formulation of nanopores inside nanorods structure by removal of the TEAOH. Catalytical properties of the nano Au in comparison to Au, details on application.

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