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Fluorescent Monodisperse Silica Ellipsoids for Optical Rotational Diffusion Studies

S. Sacanna, L. Rossi, B. W. M. Kuipers, A. P. Philipse

DOI: 10.1021/la052484o

Journal-article published February 2006 in Langmuir volume 22 issue 4 on page 1822-1827
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Keywords: #nanoparticles  # hematite  # silica  # core-shell  # elipsode  # spheres  # colloidal stability  # hematite-silica nanoparticles  # hollow silica elipsode  Edit keywords

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The authors give an extended report on the application of silica particles, developed earlier synthetic ways for Fe2O3/Si structures, stabilization method with PVP, well-described experimental section, high-quality morphological study, propose a developed synthetic route for core-shell structures; research role and functionality of all reactants with their subsequent content optimization; showed that FITC labeled ellipsoids can be used to obtain 3D images for studying random packing density

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